Learn from experienced bodybuilders how to do steroid injections properly

Injectable steroids have rightfully earned the title of the most popular - they have minimal side effects and give excellent anabolic results. But in order to fully experience the benefits of injectable anabolics, you need to learn how to correctly inject.

Where to stab

  • It is worth clarifying that sports pharmacology offers 3 types of drugs in ampoules:
  • local - are introduced into certain muscles, the growth of which is planned to stimulate, most often these are triceps, quadriceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles;
  • subcutaneous - somatotropin, gonadotropin and various peptides are injected under the skin, the fat fold of the abdomen is considered the best area for injection;
  • systemic are general-action steroids intended for intramuscular administration.

The last group of drugs is the most extensive, these are the majority of anabolic drugs available for both beginners and sports luminaries. For injection, it is recommended to choose the area where the muscle thickness is maximum. It contains a large number of fibers, minimizing the risks of damage to joints and bone apparatus. Many athletes prefer to stab injectable steroids in USA into the buttocks, deltas, and outer thighs.

How to choose a syringe

The optimal volume of the syringe for the introduction of liquid steroid preparations is 5 ml. The diameter of the needle of such a syringe will make it easy to dial even a viscous oil solution, and its length will be ideal for deep penetration.

To reduce pain, you can choose a syringe with a volume of 2 ml. It is equipped with a shorter and thinner needle, which penetrates the muscle fibers more easily. The level of immersion in the muscle will also depend on the length of the needle. If a syringe with a volume of 2 cubes is selected for injection, the needle will have to be fully inserted into the tissue. A 5-cubic meter syringe needle is allowed to be immersed in tissue ткань.

Step-by-step instructions for administering the drug

Check the integrity of the packaging with the syringe and the expiration date of the medication.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and, if necessary, clean the injection area.

If the drug is in the bottle, just remove the protective film and wipe the cap with alcohol. If you have an ampoule in front of you, its neck must be filed in a circle with a special file from the kit, moving in the direction from you. Then the neck is wrapped with a napkin and broken.

Unpack the syringe, put a needle on it and carefully remove the cap, being careful not to touch the needle.

If the medication is in a vial, using a syringe needle in the container, you need to introduce air directly through the rubber cap. Without removing the needle, turn the bottle upside down and draw fluid into the syringe, pulling the piston toward you. There is no need to draw air into the ampoule - the drug is immediately sucked in with a syringe.

Point the needle up, lightly tap on the plastic case of the syringe to knock out air bubbles from the walls. While pressing on the piston, remove all bubbles from the container - until the first drops of solution appear on the tip of the needle. 

Wipe the injection site with a cotton pad soaked in a solution of ethyl alcohol.

Fix the skin with your hand and with a sharp movement insert the needle into the muscle. Pull the piston toward you and make sure that no blood is flowing through the needle. If blood still appeared, then the vessel was damaged. In this case, the needle is removed and introduced into another point.

The solution is injected slowly into the muscle at a speed of 1 ml in 15 seconds. When the syringe is empty, the needle is removed with a confident motion, and the puncture site is again treated with alcohol and lightly massaged.

It is recommended to alternate injection zones so that there are no seals under the skin, and the drug is better absorbed.